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April 08 2020

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“Although it swims like a duck, the American Coot does not have webbed feet like a duck. Instead, each one of the coot’s long toes has broad lobes of skin that help it kick through the water. The broad lobes fold back each time the bird lifts its foot, so it doesn’t impede walking on dry land, though it supports the bird’s weight on mucky ground.”

big ‘what are those’ vibes from these boys

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That’s not actually an American Coot, that’s a Eurasian Coot, though they both have similar feet anatomically.

Y'all want what are those vibes just wait til you see Jacanas.

Dinosaurs. All of them.

What in fresh hell.

March 24 2020

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March 07 2020

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March 04 2020

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March 03 2020

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Crow. The Ginn Basic Readers: We Are Neighbours - By Myself. Revised Edition. 1962.

Internet Archive

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ウメムグリヨドリ (・ε・ )~♪

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baby humming

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Red avadavat
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February 26 2020

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February 23 2020

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January 19 2020

December 29 2019

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December 13 2019

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December 07 2019

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November 30 2019

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November 21 2019

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November 17 2019

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